Sparkle Palace

Somehow, although not surprisingly, I love anything that glitters, shimmers, and sparkles. Maybe it’s the fairy blood in me, (just kidding, but sometimes I do wonder), but my eye is constantly drawn to things that shimmer. With that said, it can be hard to make a sequin skirt stand out for all the right reasons, but when paired with simple accessories like a floppy hat, a boyfriend blazer, or a over-sized tee, your glittery, shimmery, sparkly pieces will become your new favorite wardrobe staples.

ImageBlue Moon Mermaid maxi skirt and Slasher Tank


Paired with brown booties, a classic tee, and a floppy hat, your sequin skirt shines!


Adorable date-night look


Alexa Chung looking like a pain-splattered rock star


Talk about mermaids! Blue sequin skirt brings a pop of unexpected color to this neutral outfit


Leopard and sequins; just some of my favorite things


Sincerely Jules rocking it as always with her ultra cool sneakers


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