A Sweet Mindset


Sherbet has been the color of my days recently. It has been a sweet change from the painful and dark cloudy skies I have been enduring the past few months. These clouds of sadness and depression have been an irksome and unpleasant combination of my own unhealthy mind set, and the painful pricks of life. A wonderful person left my life here in Los Angeles, and a not so wonderful person has had a bigger hold on my life and my happiness then I want to allow. Sometimes times are hard simply because of this thing called life, and sometimes the choices we make only deepen our sadness and depression. In clinical therapy, it’s called having distorted thinking….this process of being down and defeated, and subconsciously making decisions that only further your pain and misery; either because you think you deserve it, or because you cannot possibly imagine your life being anything else but sad and miserable.

I was feeling so lost and low, and at times, thought my days would forever be colored by dark and cloudy skies. But the bright colors of hope and happiness have begun to find their way back into my life. These little rays have been blessings, as well as hard work to change these distorted thoughts that colored my world so bleakly. Small changes and choices every day are what make up a happy life. So look for the little sweet sorbet colored moments in your day, be gentle with yourself, love yourself, and I promise things will get a little sweeter.

Enjoy some sweet little moments from the BadDaisy instagram: Follow me at Karlycakesss


breakfast in bed



hat 2

lion wall



sunset sky


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